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ADHD is one of the most talked about and diagnosed childhood conditions, yet a deeper understanding of the strengths and struggles that come with being an ADHDer are rarely reviewed. Often the mental health struggles that children come to play therapy for have less to do with being ADHD and more to do with being a neurominority in systems that aren't set up for their body and brain.  Through PowerPoint lecture and discussion between two ADHD play therapist presenters, attendees will go on a journey as they review considerations for ADHD clients. 

This play therapy training will pay special attention to non-pathologizing language, lesser-known characteristics of ADHD, and a strengths-based perspective that therapists can take to the therapy room with them! Katie and Jenna review the theories of Gestalt Play Therapy, Object-Relations, Child-Centered Play Therapy and Internal Family Systems and through video recordings demonstrate activities and ways of being to support ADHDers in the playroom.


  • Through PowerPoint lecture, presenters will review and define childhood ADHD.

  • Attendees will be able to identify the familiar DSM-5 criteria and will be able to list 3-5 co-occurring conditions of ADHD.

  • Through PowerPoint lecture, presenters will review the social and emotional tolls of being ADHD in a neurotypical world.

  • Following PowerPoint lecture, attendees will be able to identify 3-5 strengths of ADHD and will understand how to apply those strengths to play therapy interventions.

  • Following PowerPoint lecture and video observation, attendees will be able to identify 2-4 play therapy modalities that will empower your ADHDer to greatness.

Instructor Katie Bassiri, LPC, RPT-S

Katie Bassiri is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor (RPT-S). She owns and operates a mental health agency called The Treehouse, in Albuquerque, New Mexico which works to provide multidisciplinary support to neurodivergent individuals and their families. Katie provides supervision for counselors and is an interdisciplinary supervisor for Social Workers for the state of New Mexico. Her greatest passion is to provide trainings and supervision to professionals and businesses to better support autistic people in therapeutic, work and school environments. She is also an advocate for play across the lifespan. She has presented locally, nationally, and internationally on the topics of play therapy, autism, neurodiversity, and trauma. Katie's professional work is heavily influenced by her experiences working in residential treatment and home-based therapy with non-speaking autistic children who have trauma histories. Most importantly, Katie is a mom to three autistic children who have made a strong impact on who she is and how she supports families. She co-authored the children's book, "Congratulations You're Autistic" with her husband, Alex, to provide a more positive and affirming message for caregivers to talk about autism with their children. When she is not playing at The Treehouse, you will find her swimming and adventuring with her autistic family and their dog Lucky Jack.

Instructor Jenna Koors, LCSW-S, RPT

Jenna Koors is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jenna is a certified Eye Movement Desensitization Reintegration (EMDR) therapist. She takes many roles including clinical supervisor, intern supervisor, educator, trainer, and mental health therapist. Jenna is passionate about providing unique play and experiential based therapies to children, adolescents, and adults of all ages, specializing in chronic and acute traumas, attachment wounds and neuro-variances including Autism, ADHD, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Dyslexia and other neurodevelopmental differences. Jenna has over 16 years of experience in behavioral and mental health and has provided services in a variety of settings including school systems, residential treatment centers, homes, outpatient agencies, and psychiatric hospitals. She has experience with providing high quality, strengths-based trainings both online and in-person, locally and nationally. Jenna is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book entitled, “Meet the Neuro-Mutts!”. Having multiple neuro-variances and identities herself, Jenna is passionate about amplifying multivergent and neuro-variant voices, terms she coined to promote inclusion of those with varying neuro-identities, while playfully breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions for both clinical and general populations. Jenna believes that play therapy is essential to working with neuro-variants and that it fosters a safe and supportive environment where all can explore their inner and outer worlds from a deeper level while fostering holistic mind-body integration. Jenna believes that all people deserve access to compassionate therapy that gently guides them through a journey of self-exploration and inner healing. Additionally, she believes that all clinicians deserve access to high quality trainings to feel better educated and confident when delivering these services to clients with differing neuro-identities!

Course curriculum

    1. PowerPoint

    2. ADHD Module 1

    3. ADHD Module 2

    4. ADHD Module 3

    5. ADHD Module 4

    6. ADHD Module 5

    7. ADHD Module 6

    8. ADHD Module 7

    9. ADHD Module 8

    10. ADHD Module 9

    11. ADHD Module 10

    12. ADHD Module 11

    13. ADHD Module 12

    14. ADHD Module 13

    15. Reference List

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    2. Quiz (Required)

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