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This course is eligible for 3.5 APT Non-Contact Credit Hours under Special Topics by Ragan Snyder-Smith, LSCSW RPT-S APT Provider # 19-588


Do you have a client who LOVES anime and cosplay? Come learn the "lingo" of the anime, manga and cosplay world and learn ways to incorporate these concepts using the therapeutic powers of play! Storytelling, anime and fanart helps connect a client's passions to healing and can help them have a safe psychological distance to process emotional well-being. A clinician who is open to using expressive arts can create therapeutic rapport and safety for a client to explore feelings, heal and grow. Using breakout rooms, case scenarios, interviews, lecture and experiential activities, you will walk away with strategies to implement with anime and cosplay loving clients right away!


1) Analyze the latest research on the use of anime, cosplay and fanart  in clinical practice and communicate the impact of this in mental health practice and play therapy.

2) Establish how a client’s passion for anime, cosplay and fanart can be used to identify strengths and promote engagement in the therapeutic process in play therapy & counseling.

3) Identify 5 play therapy interventions based in anime, cosplay and fanart.

Participants will analyze how symbolism, metaphors and character creation can be used clinically to address topics like emotions, social skills and trauma in the playroom. 

Instructor Ragan Snyder-Smith, LSCSW RPT-S

Ragan is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker who is currently in practice at Andover Family Counseling. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Wichita State University. She also has a Master’s in Education from Newman University. In her 20 years in mental health, she has worked in schools, psychiatric hospitals, foster care and adoption agencies, and nonprofits. She is passionate about helping women heal from what may interfere with emotional, psychological and social well being. She specializes in women's issues, including: trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, and barriers to sexual health. Ragan has spoken to audiences throughout the United States and Australia.

Instructor Bea Burchill, LSCSW, RPT

Bea Burchill, LSCSW, RPT received her BSW from Wichita State University and then went on to receive her MSW from the University of Kansas. Bea has many years of experience as a child therapist working with children aged 2-20 who have experienced childhood trauma. She has worked in domestic violence agencies as well as community mental health. Currently she is an elementary school social worker. Bea is a big nerd and loves all things Harry Potter, Superheroes and pop culture. She is passionate about play and fostering moments of joy and connection. She loves spending time outside and reading picture books with her toddler, husband and family.

Course curriculum

    1. Anime, Cosplay and Fanart Powerpoint Presentation

    2. Video

    3. References & Resources

    1. Course Evaluation (Required)

    2. Quiz

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