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Explore Dream Symbols, Themes and Titles

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    How to Start a Dream Journal

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Get Ready

This experiential discussion is designed to help you learn the basics of dream journaling. You will practice journaling techniques that will help you gather clues about the symbols and themes happening in your dreams. There will be time to reflect on the process of the exercises and how to apply them to future dreams.

  • Start by paying attention to your dreams

  • Keep a journal by your bed and write down anything you can remember as soon as you wake up!

  • Learn how to use that information for personal growth


  • What if I can't remember my dreams?

    This is a common statement! We will talk about strategies to improve dream recall in this discussion. You can learn strategies to improve dream recall and still benefit from the exercises.

  • My dream is embarrassing? Do I have to talk about it.

    No one is expected to share specific details about their dreams. You will have time to reflect on the exercises and what the process was like for you.

  • Can you tell me the meaning of my dream?

    No. Dreams are highly personal. The exercises will help you begin to find clues to possible meanings, symbols and themes within your dreams. While this process might be therapuetic, it is not therapy. If you need additional support due to distressing or recurring nightmares, please reach out to a psychotherapist that can provide additional support.

And it's FREE

Class is limited to 10 participants to ensure adequate time for discussion.

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