Expressive Writing Workshop

The Magic of MORE

May 1st, 2021 from 7:00pm-8:30pm Eastern Time.  

Many of us have emotional wounds from our life that tell us to conserve, to not waste, or to limit ourselves.  We may have experienced neglect or poverty that made abundance literally impossible, or despite available resources, we might have experienced times when it seemed socially inappropriate to take "too much" 

One of my favorite things to do in expressive arts sessions with children (and adults) is to overflow their hands with finger paints.  The cool paint against your skin couple with the slippery texture and the mess that is created as the paint pours over your hands and onto the page provides permission to TAKE THINGS.  

 No, more accurately:  

To RECEIVE things.

And for people who have been experienced neglect, or those who feel unworthy in some way, or for those that sacrificed so that others could have instead...this concept of receiving things in abundance is so immensely healing. 

Imagine having as many _____ as you can carry available to you. 

What is that like to have MORE than enough? 

Instead of being an empty cup in need of serious self-care, what is your cup was OVERFLOWING with energy? 

Learn how to harness the powers of Abundance even when it doesn't feel like it's possible in reality.  Looking at pictures of abundance can increase your sense of JOY and feelings of generosity.  And abundance is available to you without spending a ton of money.  There is magic in giving  yourself opportunities for MORE in ways that are good for you.  

And yes, abundance can also become a problem. We will talk about that too - the darker side of abundance (addictions, overspending, and destructive habits). 

This live, experiential expressive writing workshop explores your personal relationship to the feeling of abundance and the impact of experiencing MORE may have on your mental health, mood and creativity.  As you explore a variety of writing prompts and small group discussions, you will find a deeper connection to the meaning of abundance in your life and ways to harness the powers of abundance in small, meaningful (and inexpensive or free ways). 

It is inspired by a few of our favorite books that all talk about the concepts of JOY, PLAY, CREATIVITY, and CONNECTION in similar ways.

Which books? 

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

This course brings our love of books and our love of journaling into one BIG, playfully joyful, magically ABUNDANT gathering of artist-type people.  

What can you expect from this workshop? 

Two hours of writing, and discussing the impact of ABUNDANCE in our lives.  We will learn how to approach gathering MORE in a way that can improve your daily mood, spark joy and creativity and provide insights that lead to personal growth. 

Things Required of YOU:

  • A willingness to join in writing and reflection
  • A commitment to contribute to the pre-workshop assignment by completing a short survey about you and abundance that will be incorporated into the event
  • You will need to bring ONE example of joyful abundance to the workshop (either something you can hold, wear, or an image of something that you wish you had)
  • Permission (from yourself) to fully engage for two hours without any distractions (no phones, no social media, no multi-tasking)

What is included in this workshop?

A guided journey through the magic of abundance as it relates to joy, creativity and journaling. 

Welcome to the course! 

Your journey begins NOW.

Take a brief look around: what do you have the MOST of near you?  A jar of push pins for your bulletin board, a big bag of apples from the grocery store, a supersized package of toilet paper??

Your mindful attention to the things that you have MORE THAN ENOUGH of continues from this point until the workshop begins. 

Start by paying attention to the things that exist naturally around you  so that you can complete the pre-workshop assignments. 

Take pictures of things that occur in your environment in large, repeating quantities. Take yourself on an adventure to explore places where items repeat again and again. 

Pre-workshop preparation:

Who are the Instructors?

 Jen Taylor, LCSW-C, RPT-S.  We are going to skip the rest of the traditional bio and credentials. I am an organizational wizard, an innovator, and a relentless, curiosity-driven adventurer.  I like to take pictures, tell stories, and do new things in new places with my favorite people.  

And I like keeping a BOWL FULL OF LEMONS on my dining table.  

 One of Jen's favorite quotes from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  is:

"A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner - continually and stubbornly bring forth the jewels  that are hidden within you,  is a fine art, in and  of itself." 

My intention for this course is to show you how seeing and experiencing a sense of ABUNDANCE becomes one of life's big gifts.  One that you can give yourself freely and easily to increase your capacity for creative thought and for joy.  

Bree Conklin, DSW, LCSW.  Bree is your inner child personified.  She is a unicorn-loving, llama-pajama wearing, insanely talented cake-baker and dancer, and a genuinely kind human being. She likes to spend time with horses and with her animal-named rescue dogs.  

Bree's most favorite quote from Ingrid Fettell Lee in her book Joyful is,

 "Joy is what makes life worth living...And yet for some reason, we have decided that it is superfluous--the icing on the cake, rather than an integral part of the cake itself." 

Bree wants to invite you to join us on this adventure of identifying those integral ingredients to cultivating joy in your every day life and, perhaps, creating the most joy-filled cake yet!

Who are you - what positive qualities do you have a whole lot of ?

After you register for the workshop, you will complete this pre-workshop survey.

The questions are:

1). who are you?  not your credentials or the typical intro-stuff, but who are you in the most amplified and abundant self?

2). what comes to mind when you hear the word abundance?  Describe a life filled with as much as possible!

3). When does abundance go wrong for you? When does it hurt more than it helps?  

4). If you have read any of the four books, is there a favorite quote? (*There is no pre-reading required, but if you have read any of them, we would to know which parts resonated the most). 

 - Ready to take the Survey now? This will also be emailed to you. 

May 1st, 2021 from 7:00pm-8:30pm Eastern Time.  

Video link will be emailed to you and posted here.  

*While this workshop may potentially be and feel therapuetic, it is NOT therapy. If it stirs up something in you that requires deeper work, Bree and/or Jen are happy to provide a referral to a qualified therapist in your area.

**While this workshop may be educational, it is not continuing education. There are no CE's, credits or certificates awarded.

**This workshop will not be recorded. Your presence is required and no refunds will be available after April 24, 2021.

Need some help? Email me at

Need some help? Email me at


Executive Director

Jennifer Taylor, LCSW-C, RPT-S

Jennifer Taylor is an LCSW-C and RPT-S with nearly 20 years experience in the field of social work. She is EMDR Certified and an Approved Consultant. She is a certified Journal to the Self Instructor.   She is an adjunct instructor at the University of Memphis currently living near Baltimore, MD.   Jennifer graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in 1999. She graduated from the Florida State University with a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2005. Jennifer is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in Florida, Tennessee and Hawaii.  If you have any questions about your previous play therapy courses or credits, please email Jen at


Bree Conklin, DSW, LCSW

Bree Conklin is an LCSW and has earned her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Social Work. Bree has training in Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, EMDR, Compassionate Bereavement Care, TF-CBT, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Circle of Security, and Play Therapy. In addition to her clinical practice, Bree serves as contributing faculty at the University of Tennessee, University of West Florida, and Walden University.

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