Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Table

    2. Lisa Dion: Regulating Through the Creative Process

    3. Vendor Spotlight: Marshall's Minis

    4. How to Sell Books and Products with Tammi Van Hollander and Beth Richey

    5. How to Style a Vendor Booth with Rebekah Walker

    6. Investing in New Technology: Jessica Stone and the Virtual Sandtray App

    7. Vendor Spotlight: IPLAY Apparel

    8. You're Only Competing Against Yourself with Jackie Flynn

    9. Vendor Spotlight: Momma Owls Minis

    10. The Difference Between Marketing and Branding with Althea Simpson

    11. Beyond the Book with Carmen Jimenez-Pride

    12. Vendor Spotlight: Phoenix Arise

    13. How to Set up Your Etsy Shop with Catherine Denham

    14. How to Get a Patent with Dr. Jessica Stone

    15. Vendor Spotlight: Virtual Sand Tray App

    16. How to Make a Meebie (Or Get a Product into Production) with Ginny Campbell

    17. How to Make a Mini with Alisha Denham

    18. Bree Conklin: What's in a Care Farm? From Wildly Impossible Goal to Reality

    19. Adminities Spotlight

    20. Jen Journaling Session_Lynn Plug

    21. Dora Session

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