This enriching 4-hour recorded sandtray supervision workshop is designed to elevate your supervisory skills. 

This hands-on session will walk you through the process of creating a safe and supportive space for your supervisees to engage in sandtray therapy effectively. 

Explore advanced techniques to deepen your supervisory relationships and facilitate more profound discussions about client cases. 

You'll discover how to cultivate secure environments that promote open and authentic dialogue while effectively managing potential challenges and conflicts. 

Enhance your competencies in sandtray therapy, gaining a deeper understanding of its theoretical underpinnings and practical applications. 

Whether you're an experienced sandtray supervisor or just embarking on your supervisory journey, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills, increase self-awareness, and elevate your supervisory practice.

Don't miss this chance to unlock the full potential of sandtray supervision and empower your supervisees to become more effective and empathetic therapists.


1. Identify three benefits of using sandtray in play therapy supervision.

2. Describe a rationale for using sandtray in the process of case conceptualization in play therapy supervision.

3. Describe 4 sandtray interventions to utilize in play therapy supervision.

4. Participants will learn advanced techniques and strategies to enhance their supervisory skills in the context of sandtray therapy

5. Participants will practice effective methods for promoting self-awareness and self-reflection in both themselves and their supervisees, leading to more meaningful supervision experiences.

Instructor Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT-S

TAMMI VAN HOLLANDER, LCSW, RPT, is a licensed clinical social worker and registered play therapist. She is the owner of Main Line Play Therapy in Ardmore, PA. Tammi is an international speaker and play advocate. She is a certified Trainer for the Nurtured Heart Approach®, a certified FirstPlay® practitioner, trained in level one Theraplay® and EMDR. Her work and creative interventions in the field of play therapy have been published and internationally recognized. Her Facebook community is internationally recognized for her resources and interventions that are shared with teachers, parents, clinicians and other professionals. She specializes in attachment, sandtray play therapy & sensory integration working with children, families, and adults of all ages. Tammi is the author of an attachment-based multi-sensory story titled Casey’s Greatness Wings: Teaching Mindfulness, Connection and Courage to Children. For more information on Tammi’s publications and work, visit her website at

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on the Healing Power of Sandtray

Course curriculum

    1. Sandtray Supervision PowerPoint

    2. Welcome

    3. Introduction & Objectives

    4. Where to start and what you need to know

    5. Cultural considerations, ethics and competency

    6. Why Sandtray is a powerful tool for supervision

    7. Developmental Models and Supervision Roles

    8. Sandtray Supervision Demo

    9. Getting Started

    10. Prompts in Action and Demonstrations

    11. Incorporating Bibliotherapy and sandtray into your clinical supervision

    12. Celebrating and honoring greatness in the sandtray

    13. The Sands of Forgiveness Handout

    14. Virtual Sandtray Demo with Jackie Flynn

    15. Clinical Supervision for selfcare

    1. Greatness sticks article

    2. Greatness Sticks Video and Coupon Code

    1. Evaluation (Required)

    2. Quiz (Required)

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Here's what students said about Tammi's Intro to Sandtray Course

Imagine how good this supervision course will be!

5 star rating

This course was excellent. I highly recommend it.

Davina Winn

5 star rating


Kelly Bristol

I learned some new things and feel inspired to use sand tray work more often for myself and my clients.

I learned some new things and feel inspired to use sand tray work more often for myself and my clients.

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5 star rating

It was a very good introduction to a beginner just learning.

Colleen Boyd

This is text ALL beginners should read.

This is text ALL beginners should read.

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