A Year of Play Therapy Training

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36 APT Non-Contact Hours By Wonders Counseling APT 12-321)

Start 2020 (or anytime, really!) with a years-worth of FOCUSED play therapy training.

We start this bundle with a beginner's mindset centered on theory and end with more complicated special topics that will provide you with an excellent foundation for providing high-quality play therapy services.

Due to COVID-19, ALL courses are now available at the time of purchase with no time limits for completion.   

And, there are two months that each have a bonus course for a total of 14 courses and 36 APT non-contact hours. 

Use this time to gain competence in play-based skills that will be applicable in a traditional playroom OR a tele-health setting!  We've carefully selected the newest, best, and most popular courses with a goal of combining theory and practice. 

This course bundle is non-refundable and courses may not be exchanged or substituted.  If you have previously taken a course, we encourage you to re-visit the material with a beginner's mindset (much like re-reading a classic play therapy book after many years of practice). 

YOU are different and the material resonates differently the second time around.   

Your commitment to a year of focused play learning will pay dividends in the decade to come.  If you do nothing else this year, invest in yourself and commit to having ONE PLAYFUL YEAR. 

A Year of Play Therapy Training includes these courses

Quick Tips for Going Digital
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January Course of the Month - Effective Application of the Principles & Tenets of Child & Client Centered Theory in the Play Room
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February Course of the Month - Building Rapport & Establishing the Relationship in Play Therapy Through a Combination of Child Centered Play Therapy & Directive Play-based Techniques
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March Course of the Month - Bridging and Blending Non-Directive & Directive Play Therapy
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April Course of the Month - Including Parents in the Play Room
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May Course of the Month - Prescriptive Play Therapy with Families: Theory & Intervention
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