A Year of Play Therapy Training

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36 APT Non-Contact Hours By Wonders Counseling APT 12-321)

Start 2020 off right with a year of FOCUSED play therapy training.

We start with a beginner's mindset centered on theory and end the year with more complicated special topics that will provide you with an excellent foundation for providing high-quality play therapy services.

At the beginning of every month, your course dashboard will reveal the course of the month. You have the entire month to view and complete the course for APT/NBCC credit.  To keep you accountable, each course is ONLY available for that calendar month.  No procrastinating allowed!  Lynn Louise Wonders and Jen Taylor will be talking about this monthly topic all month in their Facebook groups. 

And, there are two months that each have a bonus course for a total of 14 courses and 36 APT non-contact hours. 

Mark your calendars and block off a couple of hours each month to watch and review the monthly courses.  We've carefully selected the newest, best, and most popular courses with a goal of combining theory and practice. 

This course bundle is non-refundable and courses may not be exchanged or substituted.  If you have previously taken a course, we encourage you to re-visit the material with a beginner's mindset (much like re-reading a classic play therapy book after many years of practice). 

YOU are different and the material resonates differently the second time around.   

Your commitment to a year of focused play learning will pay dividends in the decade to come.  If you do nothing else this year, invest in yourself and commit to having ONE PLAYFUL YEAR. 

A Year of Play Therapy Training includes these courses

Quick Tips for Going Digital
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January Course of the Month - Effective Application of the Principles & Tenets of Child & Client Centered Theory in the Play Room
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February Course of the Month - Building Rapport & Establishing the Relationship in Play Therapy Through a Combination of Child Centered Play Therapy & Directive Play-based Techniques
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March Course of the Month - Bridging and Blending Non-Directive & Directive Play Therapy
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April Course of the Month - Including Parents in the Play Room
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May Course of the Month - Prescriptive Play Therapy with Families: Theory & Intervention
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