Don't "just play" in your sessions - understand Play Therapy theory first

HINT: Don't rush to find techniques or interventions until you have a foundation in play therapy theory

Interested in being credentialed as a Registered Play Therapist™?

Credentialing in the U.S. is done through the Association for Play Therapy

Many courses on this website can be used to meet the educational requirements for the Association for Play Therapy's Registered Play Therapist™ or School-Based Registered Play Therapist™ credentials. Look for the words "APT Approved Provider" and the provider number on the description of every course and on the course certificate. Send any questions you have about credentialing requirements or your application status need directly to APT. Check their website frequently for changes or updates to any policies regarding credentialing and/or renewal. There are very specific requirements to become a Registered Play Therapist™ I recommend that you connect with a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor™ in your town/state (or nationally) to help guide you through the process.